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brexit – frequently asked questions

we’ve created this page to capture all information relevant to the uk’s exit from the european union (eu) for bournemouth university students as well as prospective staff and students. if you’re a current staff member, see the staff intranet for more information.

current situation:

the uk left the eu on 31 january 2020 and is currently in a transitional period until 31 december 2020. this means that until 31 december 2020, the uk will continue to comply with eu law, including: 

  • eu free movement rules until 31 december 2020 
  • eu, eea and swiss nationals (and their non-eea family members) resident in the uk by 31 december 2020 will be eligible to apply for settled or pre-settled status under the eu settlement scheme (euss) until 30 june 2021.  

at the end of the transition period, free movement between eea countries and the uk will come to an end and the government has announced a new points-based immigration system (pbs) will be introduced for all non-uk nationals entering the uk; eu and non-eu nationals will be treated the same.  

if you are a current eu/eea/swiss (not republic of ireland) student or staff member, you will need to apply for immigration permission by certain deadlines if you are:  

  • in the uk currently and intending to stay beyond 31 december 2020 
  • coming to the uk before 31 december 2020 and intending to stay beyond 31 december 2020 
  • intending to come to the uk from 1 january 2021. 

we are committed to supporting our european students and colleagues and to remind you of the support available. on this page you will find the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding the brexit situation and studying at bu.

we also recommend that you take a look at the uk government website for the most up-to-date information on travel to and from the uk. there is also information for international students on the uk council for international student affairs website.

the end of free movement and the introduction of a points-based immigration system is a big change for eu, eea and swiss citizens. if you need additional advice to the information provided below, please head to the website, where translated information is available across 24 eu languages. it also includes a number of introductory guides for eu/eea/swiss citizens planning to enter the uk from 1 january 2021, as well as application guidance.

if you have a question that has not been answered on this page, students can get in touch with us by emailing and staff can email

information on visas and fees

information on exchange programmes

uk participation in eu programmes for research, innovation and higher education